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What's the Best Way to Get Rid of My Smoker's Lines Around My Mouth?

Eventually, your body loses collagen and elastin tissue in the skin, critical factors supporting and nourishing the epidermis. As this process starts, fine lines and wrinkles appear, interrupting the previously smooth textures and youthful glow. 

Aging can be particularly difficult for smokers since chemicals found in cigarettes hasten the depletion of these essential proteins in your skin. The classic symptom is vertical lines along the top lip, commonly called smoker’s lines. Despite the name, non-smokers can develop them too. 

At Metairie Village Dentistry, located in Metairie, Louisiana, we treat smoker’s lines. You might not expect your local dentist to offer dermal fillers, but we want all aspects of your smile to shine. That’s why we provide the Juvederm® line of filler products. 

How lines and wrinkles form

Collagen and elastin reside in the middle layer of your skin, called the dermis. These provide a supporting matrix that moisturizes and nourishes from within, as well as giving your skin its supple elasticity. As these tissues deplete, the surface skin starts to collapse into the tiny valleys. 

Juvederm to the rescue

The best way to get rid of the smoker’s lines around your mouth comes in the form of dermal fillers. In the case of Juvederm, their products use a synthetic gel made from hyaluronic acid. This is a substance found naturally throughout your body. 

Hyaluronic acid has an amazing ability to trap and hold moisture, a crucial factor in skin nourishment. Injected with a fine needle into the voids, Juvederm provides a refreshing backfill that plumps the surface skin, reducing the appearance and depth of these small vertical wrinkles. 

What about Botox®? 

The star of medical aesthetics over the last 20 years is undoubtedly Botox Cosmetic. While it does a fantastic job on certain types of wrinkles caused by expression muscles, smoker’s lines are passive. They won’t benefit from a Botox treatment. 

However, we offer Botox treatments for worry lines and crow’s feet, and you can combine this with smoker’s line filler injections during a single session. Botox is safe and well-tolerated. Best of all, treatment only takes half an hour, so you can schedule your appointment during your lunch break. 

The best way to banish smoker’s lines is with a Juvederm filler treatment at Metairie Village Dentistry. Find out more or schedule a session by calling our office or through our online booking link on this page. Frame your smile with Juvederm. Plan your visit today

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