The Benefits of Laser Dentistry

If you’re afraid of going to the dentist, you’re not alone. Almost 3% of men and almost 5% of women tremble at the thought of getting their teeth checked and treated. It even has a name — dentophobia. 

But we have the cure. 

Here at Metairie Village Dentistry in Metairie, Louisiana, Lisa Wyatt, DDS, makes her patients feel welcome, comfortable, and completely relaxed. 

And when it comes to the fear factor, she has removed it for many patients because of laser dentistry. If you haven’t heard about this amazing new approach that has truly revolutionized the whole dental experience, here are some of the benefits.

Laser dentistry is silent and precise

If you’re like most people with dentophobia, you probably can’t stand the sound of scraping and drilling. But laser dentistry uses no drills and no metal tools, only precise beams of light that do the same job — only better. There are no shrill sounds to hear.

Your first appointment might be the hardest, because your mind may be locked onto a prior experience. But we promise that once you replace that negative memory with a new reality, going to the dentist will be a piece of cake.

Laser dentistry is less painful

Laser dentistry is less painful than traditional methods, which means you may not need as much anesthesia. Because of this, many patients are less anxious about getting procedures. Furthermore, laser density causes less bleeding and swelling. 

Do know, however, that even though laser dentistry is less painful, you’ll have the level of anesthesia you’ll need to go through your procedure pain-free. We even have sedation dentistry, so you can sleep through your visit if you want.

Laser dentistry treats multiple dental problems

Whether you have a few cavities that need to be filled, a crown that needs to be replaced, or you have severe decay and need a root canal, laser dentistry can treat these, and often in less time than traditional dentistry. 

And, if you have advanced gum disease, which is called periodontitis, laser dentistry can treat that, too. Nearly 50% of adults over age 30 have periodontal disease, which is an infection that inflames gums and damages the bones that support the teeth. When left untreated, periodontal disease can lead to tooth loss.

The traditional way to clear away the tartar that creeps under the gumline is to scrape it away with a metal instrument in a process called scaling and root planing. Not only can that process be tedious and painful, but it doesn't guarantee that the periodontitis infection will go away.

Laser dentistry, however, eliminates the bacteria responsible for periodontal disease, and it also helps promote the growth of new gum and bone tissue.

Laser dentistry isn’t an amazing concept for the future. It’s here now. To learn more about the amazing advantages of laser dentistry, book an appointment online or over the phone with Metairie Village Dentistry today.

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