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Set Off Your Summer Tan With Professional Teeth Whitening

Hollywood gets plenty of credit for bright white smiles. It’s the movie star ideal that builds our desire for a white smile. 

Face it, those pearly whites make you look great, and as spring turns to summer, your sun-kissed skin glows when set off by a professional teeth whitening treatment. 

At Metairie Village Dentistry, we offer both Zoom!® light-activated whitening and Opalescence™ Boost™ chemically activated whitener. Each system offers at-home follow-up kits so you can extend the benefits of your office whitening session. Book your session today to complement your emerging summer tan. 

The reasons behind stained teeth

Teeth aren’t naturally white. Instead, they have a gray or slightly yellow hue. Daily living also tends to dull the brightness of your smile. Coffee, tea, cola, and wine are beverages that stain tooth enamel. As for foods, watch out for bright berries and pasta sauce. 

Enamel may seem like a hard and solid surface, but, in fact, it’s rather porous. Anything that can stain a tea towel could potentially stain your teeth. 

Time is another factor that might surprise you. As you age, the tooth enamel thins. Even though enamel isn’t pure white, it’s the whitest part of your teeth. Beneath it is dentin, a naturally yellow tissue. Translucent enamel allows dentin to show through slightly. Therefore, the thinning enamel means the color of the dentin has a stronger influence. 

The benefits of professional teeth whitening

Remember that stained tea towel? When you want to brighten it up, you turn to bleach. That’s the same process that we use to refresh your smile. You’re not stuck with a single product line at Metairie Village Dentistry. 

Many people don’t know that whitening products have a short shelf life. The older the bleach, the less active it is. Both of the products we use activate at the time of your whitening session. Zoom! combines the whitening products with a special light. After placing the bleach on your teeth, the special Zoom! light activates it to break up the staining agents in your enamel. 

Opalescence Boost uses a two-part product that chemically activates at the time of your appointment. It’s a tray-based system, so while it might resemble over-the-counter consumer products with trays, it uses a 40% hydrogen peroxide gel. Compare that to the 6% formulas you can buy at the store, and you’ll see why professional whitening is so powerful. 

To find which product is right for you, schedule a whitening session with Metairie Village Dentistry. We even carry home aftercare kits to extend your whitening results. Call or click to book your session and hit the summer tanned and smiling. 

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