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I'm Nervous About Going to the Dentist: What's the Solution?

I'm Nervous About Going to the Dentist: What's the Solution?

As your family dental practice, our team at Metairie Village Dentistry can help if you have dental anxiety. In fact, we specialize in sedation dentistry. Don’t put off your dental appointment because dental issues will only worsen.

Why am I nervous? 

Maybe you’ve had negative dental experiences in the past, or perhaps you’re concerned with the unknown or the idea of having dental instruments in your mouth. 

A phobia is an anxiety disorder creating a response that’s out of proportion with the stimulus. For instance, you may fear pain from dental procedures, even though contemporary anesthetics make your time in the dentist’s chair pain-free. 

There’s often no explanation for why you feel so nervous, and that’s okay! We understand. We’ll do our best to keep you relaxed and comfortable. But suppose you have trouble controlling your fears. In that case, we have a range of sedation techniques to ensure you’re at ease during necessary dental care. 

Easing the anxiety

There are many tips to ease your anxiety. Try one or more of these techniques.

Let us know

We treat people with dental anxiety all the time, so we offer a wide range of strategies to help. Sometimes, it’s just a matter of explaining the work so you know what to expect during treatment. If you have questions, ask away! We’re happy to explain. Our interactions involve you in the treatment process — a critical factor in gaining control over your nervousness. 

Breathing and meditation

Controlled breathing and peaceful thoughts can help you get through difficult situations. Try using these techniques before your dental visit. Start in the waiting room before your appointment or at home before arriving.

Focus on muscle relaxation

Feeling tension in your neck and shoulders is expected when you’re nervous. You can relax those muscles voluntarily, willing away some of the strain you’re experiencing. If you tense up someplace else, like your lower back or feet, focus on relaxing those muscles. 

Distract yourself

Something as simple as a book in the waiting room or your favorite music playing through earbuds in the dental chair can transfer your focus away from your nerves. 

When self-care isn’t enough, talk to us about our sedation techniques to help overcome your nerves and anxieties. Keep in mind that most sedation methods require arranging for someone to drive you home from your appointment. The exception is nitrous oxide sedation, which wears off quickly. 

Contact Metairie Village Dentistry by phone or online to schedule your next visit. We can help you conquer your fears. Book your next appointment today. 

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