Consider These Advantages of Laser Dentistry

Consider These Advantages of Laser Dentistry

From anti-aging to surgical assistance, lasers are revolutionizing the medical field. The field of dentistry is also integrating lasers, and in some cases, they are fundamentally changing the procedures and treatments. 

The power of light, focused and amplified, is a versatile clinical tool offering advantages for both the patient and dentist. Dr. Lisa Wyatt at Metairie Village Dentistry, located in Metairie, Louisiana, believes lasers are the future of dentistry. As you consider these advantages of laser dentistry, we think you’ll agree. 

Dental uses of lasers

The field of laser dentistry is growing, but not all dental practices offer laser services. There are also times when certain conditions are better suited to conventional treatment methods. That said, the range of dental uses for lasers continues to grow, including: 

As a laser dentistry specialist, Dr. Wyatt can advise you on the available laser options to meet your needs. 

The advantages of laser dentistry

There are two types of dental lasers: those that treat soft tissue and others used on hard tissue. Both have Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval for use in the United States. 

Each type of laser offers advantages. Here are some of the most exciting changes this new technology offers. 

Noiseless drilling 

A significant part of the anxiety many people feel when visiting the dentist is the sound and feel of a conventional dental drill. The high-pitched whine can be unsettling, and it foreshadows the sensation of the drill bit contacting a tooth. Contemporary anesthetics mean that you won’t feel pain, but the sound and vibration can still create tension. 

Hard tissue lasers can tackle the toughness of tooth enamel with no noise or vibration. Dental drill anxiety is eliminated when a laser is used. What’s more, laser drilling is precise. That preserves more healthy tooth tissue when compared with conventional drills. 

Reduced need for anesthetic

Some laser dentistry procedures cause less pain than their conventional treatment counterparts. Where there’s less pain, there’s less need for anesthetic. That means fewer needles, another source of dental anxiety. 


Soft tissue lasers naturally sterilize the areas they treat. That reduces the chance of bacteria infecting a wound during your procedure. Therefore, you’re less likely to need antibiotics later. 


You’re also less likely to need stitches when you have work done on your gums. Soft tissue lasers cauterize as they work, forming clots faster than with conventional techniques. That also means that wounds from your procedure heal faster. 

Find out more about laser dentistry on your next visit to Metairie Village Dentistry. You can reach our office by phone or online using the request link on this page. You can be one of the patients on the leading edge of dental care. Book your appointment today. 

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